In 2010, we developed the Stay Close website and blog. We started with a small team of three dedicated people who believed that we could make a difference and bring hope to others who were facing addiction’s chaos. Jeff and I wrote weekly meditations, and Aamir Syed brought our vision to technological life. Mikele Roselli-Cecconi’s photos offered a visual interpretation of addiction.

This week, the first Thursday in 2018, we’re sharing with you a new site. Two creative women, sisters Maria and Carolina Usbeck, worked tenaciously to create a new digital presence for the website and blog. Jeff and Aamir helped along the way, while Davood Madadpoor, a talented street photographer in Florence, contributed many outstanding shots.

I thank all these people: Aamir, Carolina, Maria, Mikele, Davood and my son, Jeff. Our team invites you to take a look at the new site. Let us know what you think.

My reflection: There is power in a good and diverse team. Others bring talents, strengths, insights, and creativity that are unique to them. With addiction, the power of community is essential. I learned my greatest lessons in the rooms of Al-Anon, in conversations with another mother of an addicted child, or when listening to a recovering addict. I need others to help me. I think we all do.


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Nancy Niehous

Thank you – your meditations and insights are very helpful to me & I share them with others!

Charlene Czaja

Hi Libby, I just want to let you know that I look forward to checking my email every Thursday morning for your inspiration! I also am reading “Stay Close”….incredible. Is this new website in place of the current blog or just a new look?

Nancy Harper

Blessings Libby!
I have followed your Stay Close blog ever since I read your amazing book… your Experience, Strength and Hope has helped me on this journey with my daughter more than I can say in words…. looking forward to continuing this journey with you… xoxo

Congratulations on the beautiful new website and thank you for your steadfast and continuing witnessing of the journey which so many are traveling. Yes, “better together.” Back in 2010 when you developed your first website, it was a beacon of light for me as my son began yet another residential rehabilitation program after a lengthy, devastating battle with his addiction. As he healed, so did our family; five years of recovery followed. Then, as happens on this journey, another relapse, followed by two years of “staying close” and weathering that storm, buffered by what we had learned in al-anon and… Read more »
Maureen, your story resonates with me. You sound so strong and inspire me. I often slip back into old habits of worry, grief, and anxiety. We are in “active recovery” now but healing path and learning is never ending. My own critical self -talk needs improving. So do my coping/life strategies. Libby’s book, this blog, the community I met here, saved me from complete despair so many times and even better, pointed the way to new ways of responding and being open to the 12 step program. Mostly, to not be alone! There are really no words to express my… Read more »

Love the new site! I am so honored to have Libby & this beautiful strong community in my life, as we learn how to navigate and live this journey together. Thank you each & every one.


This looks fabulous. Look forward to every Thursday and community as we continue a journey where much love and honesty and courage is needed.


This is a community of acceptance and hope and sharing and love. Libby’s book and words here have healed and saved. I used to be Joy on the other site but to avoid confusion as I see there is another Joy since I started posting years ago– I will now post as Lynn instead. New site is wonderful!

Linda Barnett

Hi Libby! I look forward to your new site. It will continue to bless many, especially me. You look absolutely stunning in this picture my dear. Love always!