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A mother wrote to me: My son is still on the revolving road to recovery. He has been in detox three times, rehab – both inpatient and outpatient, in a sober house, involved in AA with a sponsor, and presently is trying the suboxone route with individual counseling.  My heart is broken, but I will find my courage. The words stagli vicino will be my mantra of hope.

My reflection:  Relapse happens and happened often to my son. I learned more about relapse when my son wrote about a friend, “I know that place. He was in pain, and it was too much. He used to kill it. Then he needs to keep using because the addiction has kicked in. An addict loses all sense of free will; you’re thrown back into the space of obsession, of always needing something more. I’m sure he’s scared and confused.”

Today’s Promise to consider: Relapse is frightening for all of us – us as well as our addicted loved one. The addict knows how to live in addiction, but abstinence requires skills that are foreign to him. Today, I will keep hope alive for his return to wellness. Today, I will stay close but out of the chaos.

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Pat Nichols

I learned it was best for our family to have a relapse plan in place. In other words, if our son should relapse what is “OUR” plan? We could not allow the fear and disappointment to bring us down. We had to stay strong for ourselves as well as our son.

Karen Baar

Needed to hear this today. My son has been struggling since 2013. Another relapse. He is in detox today and will be there a while ( if he doesn’t leave). He has to want this but I’m praying for grace. I’m tired. Try to practice good self care but the last 3 days were rough. Hospital one night. He took just about everything under the sun . Thank goodness I have my faith and alanon friends.


Praying for you.

I have a close friend who has been drugging hard for the last month or so. I was not around. I hardly noticed him when i saw him after i returned. He asked me to call him when i was away…he sobbed on the phone telling me he was dying. I sent a generic email to his monitor asking him to call. I put it in Gods hands…and told God if he calls in next 20 minutes i will talk. Well he called ( i was assured anonnimity…and i told him my friend was being extorted by an ex- coworker…(he… Read more »
I am one who knows that relapse is scary and can lead to death.But I come here because this was the place I learned to stay close but stay out of the chaos , to keep loving when loving response was hard, to go deeper in prayer because sometimes that is all you can do and now I can say, I watched a son travelling towards the light who knew how loved he was and who loved us so. He was 37 when he died and it is miracle we got to have him that long. It is scary and… Read more »