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When Jeff was new to recovery, he wrote: This is the first year that my New Year’s resolution is crystal clear: contribution. I need to give back in bigger, more consistent ways – roll up my sleeves and offer my time and experience to the people around me. The Big Book says, “To keep what we have, we need to give it away.”

My reflection: For years, I scoffed at New Year’s resolutions. I felt silly setting the intention to do something I knew I was likely to abandon after a few weeks; however, as I approach the year ahead, I’ve decided to follow Jeff’s lead. I’m making a commitment to take time each day to meditate, pray, and become more centered in myself and with my God. I’m confident this will have a positive impact on myself and my family.

Today’s Promise to consider: Even though I may not be a big believer in New Year’s resolutions, I do believe in setting intentions. In 2006, Jeff decided to contribute more to his community, and in 2021 I’m committing to meditate each day and to grow stronger in my spirituality. May we all decide to do something that will enrich our lives and the lives of others. Happy New Year!

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Laurie m.
Laurie m.
3 years ago

I love “to keep what we have, we need to give it away”.
My son had a major and scary relapse last Christmas and new year. He made a vow to himself that this Christmas he wouldn’t live through that hell again.
And he kept that vow! And he is the man we knew. Caring, sweet, and interested in other people again. He is “giving away”!
He’s giving love and warmth, and genuine caring again. They can’t “give it away” when they’re in the prison of addiction.
Grateful doesn’t begin to describe what our family feels at this moment. I admit that i wavered many times, as far as hope. But I will vow on this new year, to (try) to never waver on that again. Whatever comes our way in 2021, I will try to never give up on hope again. And I know our family is richer and more compassionate than ever because of his addiction. I vow to “give every ounce of joy I feel, away”.
Thank you for a wonderful message. And thank you all for being there for me. God bless you, Libby, for what you do, and my prayer for 2021 is for all of you who are reading this to find peace and love and hope- so that we can all “give it away” to others!

3 years ago

This is a beautiful commitment to read, Libby. I will follow your lead and commit to the same intention in this newest year. Happy New Year to you and your family with thanks for your constant strength and inspiration .