This is my daily prayer: Dear Lord, Remove the veils so I might see what is really happening and not be intoxicated by my stories and my fears. 

– Written by Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder of Omega Institute, adult education center, focusing on health, wellness, spirituality, and creativity.

My reflection: When my son was in active addiction, I was rooted in stories and fears. If I didn’t hear from him, I fell prey to contriving horrendous situations that I could imagine happening. When I did hear from him, I constructed other sequences of foreboding times ahead. Bottom line is that I was never present, and never at peace.

Today’s Promise to consider: Addiction plunges us into despair as we construct stories in our heads. We fear the worst: jails, hospitals, and death. Today, I’ll work to get out of my head and out of my stories. I’ll pray for my loved one. I’ll pray for her safety and ultimate recovery.


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Gail Poulin
Gail Poulin

A few years ago you wrote “Living In the Present.” It’s a great read. I also fall prey to negative thoughts. “Bottom line is that I was never present, and never at peace,” really sums me up. I know by practicing better self-care I can be present and find more peace but over time, I get worried again. Our daughter has an alcohol problem. She has shown some evidence that she is making improvements but we rarely have direct contact and she often avoids seeing us. My mind creates stories and all of them are negative and highly imaginative. I… Read more »


Libby, your insights always soothe, enlighten and inspire ~thank you

Rachel M Barrett
Rachel M Barrett

I have lost myself during the years of caring for my 4 children. One that has proven to be more than I can handle. I have ruined myself in the meantime by self medicating by drinking. I joined this because I saw an old friend at Bowen’s Grocery yesterday and had a child going through the same thing. My kids attended Calverton as well, I can’t make him better as he has mental health needs and is not helping himself. In the mean time I need to take care of myself and just seem to not know how to do… Read more »