My son said to me:  I heard an Al-Anon quote that I really liked: I’m not responsible for my first thought, but I am responsible for my first action. To me, this means that the mind will react as it does. I don’t have control over its racing thoughts, but I do have control over my behavior in response to them.

My reflection: This saying reminded me of my son’s many years in active addiction when I felt compelled to respond immediately. When he’d call and make demands for money or to be bailed out of jail, I felt a grip in my heart to answer on the spot. It took me years to realize that even though my mind went into overdrive, I could give myself the dignity of time before making a decision.

Today’s Promise to consider: Addiction wants attention and our immediate response. It thrives on fear, chaos and disruption, but we don’t have to comply. When our minds begin to race with confusion, I will take the time to breathe and pray before I act. Today, I won’t allow addiction to dictate my behavior.


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3 years ago

Great advice❤️

Pat Nichols
3 years ago

Addiction had incredible power over me. Even when I felt my strongest Addiction would find a way back into my home, my life, eventually destroying everything I had rebuilt. It wasn’t my fault………Addiction’s ability to convince me that everything would be just the way I always dreamed it would be was all too convincing. I held on to Addiction’s lies!!!
And then it happened, that moment, a spiritual transformation that lead me out of the insanity and into a parent support program. A new life of recovery for ME, one guided by my God, my alcohol/drug counselor and my 12 step sponsor. I’m so grateful for the amazing recovery support that I received. Libby’d blog and her book, “Stay Close” played an important part in freeing me from Addiction’s hold. Very grateful! Continued prayers for all who suffer from this disease.