a24fa300-84d8-4c95-9e79-8f37db4ce106A friend called me and said, Addiction is the gift that keeps giving. Even when our addicted loved one is living a healthy life, resentments, past hurts and old patterns of behavior remain in our hearts and minds like the Ghost of Christmas Past. A word is spoken and the chains of the past rattle. I’m so tired of fighting the old feelings. How easy it is to fall back – not only for those of us who love the recovering addict, but for the addict himself. 

My reflection: Addiction does so much damage that, even when it’s gone or asleep, it continues to haunt us. I remember a phone conversation I had with my son when he was three years healthy. After a few minutes, I said, “You sound tired.” He responded in a hurt tone, “I know what you’re trying to say, Mom, but I’m fine. I haven’t relapsed, I’m simply tired.” I felt sad – sad for us both.

Today’s Promise to consider: I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but this year I set an intention for forgiveness, for all of us. We’ll never forget all the traumas of addiction, but we can learn to forgive. Before my mom died, she said, “I think forgiveness comes in waves.” Today I pray: Dear Lord, may the waves of forgiveness touch us all, one layer at a time, deeper and deeper.    

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7 years ago

Thank you for the gift of this beautiful sentiment, Libby ~ may your new year bring deeper and greater peace to you and all of those whose lives you touch.

Pat Nichols
7 years ago

Thanks Libby for all the many years you have been sharing your love, compassion, strength and wisdom.

From my perspective forgiveness came after I accepted the truth that my son had a brain disease, a mental illness. Then and only then did I begin to understand the past and truly forgive all that he did and all that I did. Forgiveness allowed a new relationship and continued love to be established and grow. This eventually drew the family back together in a unified and purpose driven life. One full of hope instead of constant fear, frustrations and anger.

My prayer for all my fellow travelers is one of hope and forgiveness for the new year.



7 years ago

I am so grateful to all who come here….watching my son try to overcome all his mental health challenges is still heartbreaking at times and seeing the self loathing that comes each time he relapses… Is so scary.. yes I still fear and wish I did not. but we are where we are. There is no cure but there is healing and hope and I pray as the New Year begins we surf the waves keep hope for complete recovery for all of us and feel God we believe in with us in every breath we take.