A recovering alcoholic writes: The illness of alcoholism thrives in the dark and isolating world of silence. Let the light in and the glimmer of hope be seen. We say in AA that ‘we are as sick as our secrets.” We are lucky to be able to talk freely to our fellow members and this helps us manage to keep the darkness at bay. I’ve found hope and inspiration in other literature like ‘The Road Less Travelled’ and ‘A New Pair of Glasses.’ In my opinion whatever works is a good thing!

Reflection: We have so much to learn about addiction and recovery from addicts, professionals and those who love the addict. Only by taking off the blinders and talking about addiction will we be able to fight it, in the open and in the light. When I was young, we didn’t talk about abortion or homosexuality or even breast cancer. Today we talk about these things and the conversations bring us closer to truth.

Today’s Promise: I will learn about addiction. I will go to Al-Anon meetings and I will talk with professionals. I will not allow the addiction to grow stronger in my silence.

“Only by bringing addiction out of the shadows and into the light can we hope to defeat it.” Dr. Patrick MacAfee

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Pat Nichols
13 years ago


A very important topic. Actually, I don’t think there is anything more important than breaking the silence.

My first experience was in a Family Anonymous parent support group where I first broke ny silence. It was like being freed from a life sentence in prison. Other parents were so understanding and they supported me.

I then worked the twelve steps and found a sponsor.

Peace and serenity was my reward.