My son wrote this to me about his first rehab center (he was nineteen years old): Early seeds were definitely planted and my perception of drugs started to shift. It’s hard to escape your first time in treatment with a carefree regard for drugs intact. I began hearing words like “addiction” and “disease” in the same sentence as “friends” and “parties.” Counselors talked about cravings and they had clinical terms for the anxieties associated with my personal world of drugs. I was shocked that they knew so much and I was shocked that other people felt the same way that I did.

My personal reflection on the passage above offering my thoughts today: My son once told me that drugs started as a party and ended as a sandstorm. But by then it was too late and he couldn’t find his way out. Drugs are ubiquitous. Some kids try and stop, while others, like mine, start and don’t stop. We parents need to talk with our children about the choices with which they’ll be faced.

Today’s promise to consider for all of us who love addicts: Just as the addict has to learn about his addiction, so do I. I’ll learn in Al-Anon; I’ll read books and talk with professionals. I’ll learn so that I can better help my loved one and myself.

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Annette Walters
Annette Walters
13 years ago

This is so true. We need to educate our children more on addiction and the disease. Not only the children but the parents because they do not understand the disease. God bless you for the work that you are doing. Hope and pray that your son is doing well 🙂

Libby Cataldi
Libby Cataldi
13 years ago

Dear Annette,

Education is just a beginning, but it’s a beginning step that I got started way too late. I think I resisted learning about addiction because I didn’t want to admit that it was our problem. Maybe if I denied it long enough it would go away. Of course it never did and I had to learn.

I wish I had learned earlier, been more proactive and smarter about addiction as a cunning disease. I needed to be fully armed.

Prayers for all of us,