A mother wrote to me: My son goes to meetings, talks with his addiction counselor, and is working with his psychologist to help him with his anxiety. I’m hopeful because he is keeping his appointments and seems like, this time, he wants to change. Of course the other part of me keeps waiting for the hammer to fall, for him to slip. It’s hard to continue to fight for my recovery and to support him as he fights for his.

My reflection: Recovery is not easy – not for anyone. For us, we’ve been lied to and betrayed for so long that we expect something to go wrong. We’re afraid to hope again, because we’re terrified that our hope will be crushed. For our loved ones, they’re afraid – afraid of failing, afraid of the pain of detox, afraid of the shame, and overwhelmed with the challenge of rebuilding a new life.

Today’s Promise to consider: Courage is needed from everyone involved in fighting an addiction. Family systems have been broken and new ones must be rebuilt. It takes courage to hope again. It takes courage to believe again. Even though we might feel worn down, we must find our determination to go on. If we don’t, addiction wins.

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Elise Kendall
Elise Kendall
4 years ago

Thank you. This is EXACTLY what I needed to read today. My heart is heavy but I know I need to and can find joy and gratitude today, if I just look for it.

Lori warchol
Lori warchol
4 years ago

This is exactly how I feel . Just back from Colorado from ct seeing my son it’s been almost 3 years. He’s working and says healthy looks good has a nice girl friend we had a great couple of days. I remain hopeful but afraid to say I too wait for the other shoe to fall again please let it not and let him keep on doing what he’s doing . I don’t think he’s in a program but I believe he’s clean and working hard
God bless us all