A mother wrote an email message to me. This is part of it: When I awake every morning and go to sleep every night I feel God’s presence in my life and in the life of my child. My son is good today, but I know it’s one day at a time. Dealing with addiction takes courage, humility and gratitude: courage to stay close and to love our child, humility to remember that the addiction is strong and can come back at any time (especially when we least expect it) and gratitude for our daily blessings.

My personal reflection on the passage above, offering my thoughts today: Gratitude is powerful. When my son was in active addiction, I remember being grateful that he was still alive. My prayer every morning was, “Dear Lord, thank you for keeping him alive today.” It’s hard to be grateful when our children are still out there on the streets, but gratitude is important, everyday.

My son is good today, and I know that it’s for today. Tomorrow is another choice. There is no finish line with addiction.

Today’s Promise to consider for all of us who love addicts: I will remain humble in the face of addiction. For today, I will live in a space of gratitude.

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Pat N.
13 years ago


I needed to read that today as my son was just released from our county jail and is back on the streets.

He refused his family’s offer of treatment options.

I am grateful he is still alive.

Libby Cataldi
13 years ago

I’m grateful with you and I’ll stay close. Praying that he decides to fight to change his life.

My love and respect,