The Washington Post, October 15, 2017: When you’re selling half a million pills to some pharmacy and you’re telling me that you don’t know what the rules are for a suspicious order?” said Geldhof, who is now working as a consultant to lawyers suing the (pharmaceutical) industry. “All we were looking for is a good-faith effort by these companies to do the right thing, and there was no good-faith effort. Greed always trumped compliance. It did every time. It was about money, and it’s as simple as that.” by Scott Highman and Lenny Bernstein 

My reflection: The Washington Post’s recent expose on the drug industry’s collusion with politicians to reduce regulations so opiates can flow more readily into the market is yet another glaring example of corruption and money reigning supreme. This is totally disgusting, unjustifiable and pathetic.

Today’s Promise to consider: When is enough, enough? How many kids have to die before our politicians and our society as a whole face the gravity of the situation of rising deaths by overdose. When will these young people get the help they need instead of being marginalized by those in power? MacAfee’s words ring in my ears, “Only when we take addiction out of the shadows and into the light can it be healed.” Kudos to the reporters who brought this story – out of the shadows and into the light.


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6 years ago

Our loved ones addicted to alcohol face challenges simply by driving down a street behind a truck advertising vodka – awareness needs to precede income in many venues. Thank you for your words, Libby!

6 years ago

Enough is enough and it was long ago. Beyond the catastrophic loss of life is the terrible toll this ongoing crisis has taken on all those whose lives are touched by the disease of addiction, by the widespread availability of drugs, by the lack of affordable treatment options, and by the stigma which has held our loved ones, their families, friends, communities, employers, and politicians hostage in the search for remedies. Thank you Libby for your clear voice and tireless efforts to raise awareness.

Cathy Taughinbaugh
6 years ago

It truly is just devastating to learn about what is going on in Washington with the pharmaceutical companies and the politicians around the opioid crisis. It is beyond disappointing on so many levels. Thank you for posting about the issue, Libby and continuing to spread awareness.