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A mom wrote to me: My son is still on the streets and I don’t know from one day to the next what will happen to him, but I survive by working my steps, having a sponsor, reading my books and calling people on the phone list. Most important of all, I try every day, all day, to put God first in my life and, in doing this, I have been able to Let Go and Let God. I’ll be a work in progress until the day I die.

My reflection: I join this mom in being a work in progress. Whether my son is struggling with his demons or not, I also try to live by the mantra Let Go and Let God. When I truly acknowledge the fact that I am not in control of others or their choices, I am able to live one step closer to peace.

Today’s Promise to consider: My mom once told me, It takes a lifetime to learn how to live. Today, I will pray for humility and for my Higher Power to direct my path.


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pat nichols
8 years ago

It is a very difficult journey before we can honestly accept the mantra “Let Go and Let God.” How do we get to an understanding of our reality, the truth that is addiction? For me, it was letting go of my pride, the myth of self-reliance and opening up to others what I was feeling. I had to stop keeping my son’s addiction a secret and learn from others who had traveled addictions path before me. Then I had to trust God (Philippians 4:7) and do a complete spiritual inventory. A three years journey to recovery after over a decade of condependecy. I had no conception of how hard my own recovery would be but I can tell you this, I am so grateful to God, my sponsor, counselor and all those who helped me regain my own peace and serenity. May it be so for you.

Natalie Bohnet
Natalie Bohnet
8 years ago

This weeks meditation is very welcome. My son is also on the streets in a city far away. I have no way to directly contact him. Every once in a while I see is on Facebook I reach out with a message & he responds. I struggle with wanting to stay close but not being able to.
Let go & Let God is the only way I can keep my serenity.

Your book Libby is my favorite one that I have read on this topic. I have told my son about the place in Italy. He always says he would love to go but does not follow up…..