A mom of a son who died of a drug overdose wrote to me: I feel the need to find a place to help this epidemic, to make a voice for us moms and dads who have lost our child to this horrible disease. I feel a need to say to the medical community that doctors must stop making it easy to get opiate meds, because they eventually lead young people to heroin where they get caught up in this highly addictive and deadly disease. I just don’t know where to go with this inner voice that wants to speak out on behalf of my beautiful son.

My reflection: My prayer is simple: may this entry bring comfort to another mom or dad, brother or sister.

Today’s Promise to consider: We must join our voices into the resounding chorus that clamors for help for our addicted loved ones. There can be no rest until those who are suffering get the help they need. The hurting never stops for those who have lost a child. We must all hold hands and walk together.


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6 years ago

What do I do when my 21 year old is still using. Even though it wasn’t as much but I got him agsin. I forced him into rehab after rehab when a teenager and now very close to going to prison is still messing up. He is sweet helpful and never mean but when using will rob you blind . He has been in a sober living house and teen Challenge. The longest he has bern clean is,at the sober living house. I want him to go back there. I’m heartbtoken. He uses spice so it want show up on drug screen

6 years ago

Lost my son Anthony 29 yrs old to herion with fentynol overdose 7 weeks ago :'(

6 years ago

Whether your (adult) child has been lost to the opioid/opiate epidemic or is still among the walking dead the pain and fear that accompany watching the downward spiral are almost insurmountable. It is difficult to function out in the world among people who haven’t been embroiled in the the battle to save an afflicted child and don’t understand. There is harsh judgement (bad parenting, lack of morals), misplaced advice (throw them out, cut them off), and counterproductive labeling (you’re just an enabler). The epidemic rages on and while there is a lot of talk about how bad it is no one with the power and authority to do something is stepping up. I see the same tired War on Drugs methods being employed over and over but with jail’s overflowing with addicts and rehab/12 step programs obviously failing isn’t is time to try something new? What about harm reduction? It’s been very successful in other countries. What about medication assisted therapy (MAT)? It saves lives. What about blasting the public with education about addiction and the fact that, yes ladies and gentlemen, it is a physical disease–not poor choices or lack of morals. we need a revolution.