A mom wrote to me: Yesterday was an unimaginable horror. It’s difficult to forget the constant thrumming in the background of the horrific school shooting in Connecticut. How does a parent mourn the killing of his or her child; how does a nation mourn the killing of twenty little children and six adults?

Today I will stop and offer prayers. I will honor, in some way, the twenty baby lives and six adult lives lost. This tremendous suffering is impossible to hold and I find it hard to breathe. There are no words sufficient to wrap my head and heart around the overwhelming grief. There are no words to ease the pain.

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Pat Nichols
11 years ago

No words can express the loss we all feel.

And words will never have the power to prevent another such act of insanity, only action will.

I pledge to make not only my voice heard but will actively participate in doing whatever is asked of me to do all that I can do to prevent another such tragedy from occuring.

11 years ago

Seamless, sickening and incomprehensible. Innocent people and little children. Talk about powerlessness. Prayers for all of the victims and those left behind , as well as all of us who must use our voices to help effect change

11 years ago

The Sandy Hook tragedy is just pure evil in it’s most ugliness. I will pray for the people left behind from this horrible tragedy. Words can’t describe the pain they must be in. I can’t imagine their pain, because I didn’t lose a child to such evil violence.

May God bless the parents and families of the children and adults who died needlessly. May he comfort them during the upcoming Christmas holiday, and let them feel and know, that their dearly beloved ones are with him in heaven.

May they rest in peace

Libby Cataldi
11 years ago

May they rest in peace and may we, as a nation, be filled with wisdom to know how to heal our nation. Love you all.