This is part of a series of monthly posts that reference many conversations with Dr. MacAfee. Thanks, Doc.

A dear friend of mine and Dr MacAfee’s told me: Dr MacAfee often reminded me of the importance of taking time for self care and time to nurture myself so that I could deal with everything going on within the family and still be true to myself. Addiction, he told me, is a family disease. As a mother, I tried to shoulder the load of destruction that addiction brought within my family. Addiction affects everyone in the family in different ways for years to come.

My reflection: Addiction takes over the family and leaves no hostages. It’s relentless in its hunger to destroy everyone. When Jeff was in active addiction, I tried to protect my family, but it was impossible. Addiction was far stronger than I was strong.

Today’s Promise to consider: Compassion defined Dr. MacAfee. He had compassion for the addict and for the family. He helped me to learn how to Stay Close, but out of the chaos as I continued to love my suffering child. He taught me that self preservation wasn’t selfish, but essential.


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7 years ago

Beautiful… so grateful to you and Jeff for sharing his wisdom, compassion, and kind heart.
Heartfelt thanks,

Pam basil
Pam basil
7 years ago

Libby you speak such truth and from the heart Thank you.

Elena Casapu
Elena Casapu
6 years ago

Such a blessing to find that someone is using what Dr MacAfee teached. I was a student and an intern under him and Donald Britt. I consider it the biggest honor of my life. My passion to work with and for those struggling with addiction was fostered and developed by these 2 people. Such as Doc, I am dedicating my life as a therapist serving our saints in recovery. Thank you for ur posts and keep them coming!