Granddaughter Iysa

Granddaughter Iysa

Jimmy Demers, friend and superb vocalist, inspires the world through music. I listened to this song as I drove through the deserts of California and Arizona last month. The landscape was majestically powerful and so is this track.

My reflection: As I played this song repeatedly, I found myself wondering, what will be my message to the world? What message will my sons, Jeff and Jeremy, leave? We all have a story. The human experience teaches us so much. Is it not our responsibility to share that learning and to leave a message?

Today’s Promise to consider: This song beckoned me to reflect on how I’m living day-to-day and what message I hope to leave when I pass. My answer is clear: Stay Close. Life is difficult and suffering is unavoidable, but the human spirit is strong. I’ll never quit believing in truth, in beauty and in my sons. Addiction tried to rob our family of us, but it didn’t succeed. We learned and grew from the trauma.


Message to the World, written by Terry Coffey and Donnie Demers, sung by Jimmy Demers https://soundcloud.com/musical_wheels/message-to-the-world




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9 years ago

Dear Libby,

Thank you for sharing the beautiful song. It really makes you think about what is going on in the world. How positive the song is. And, yes, if we all band together for peace, it may just happen some day.

What a beautiful picture of your granddaughter.


pat nichols
9 years ago

What a timely post!

I am in the process of writing a book. However, this book will have numerous authors with each one writing their own chapter regarding a specific situation and/or incident they dealt with regarding their addicted child.

The chapter will also focus on their Christian faith and how God gave them strength and guidence to endure then and now.

If anyone would like to join us please send me an email and I will provide further details.

The book is one way each of us can leave our message for others.

pat nichols
9 years ago

My email address is edmondparents@aol.com