A mom wrote to me: With addiction, love never dies, but exhaustion can interfere with clarity and decisions. Big picture thinking makes for resilient, compassionate hearts.

My reflection: The words above resonate deeply with me. When my son was in active addiction, exhaustion took a mighty toll on all of us, even him.

Today’s Promise to consider: No matter how much we love someone, exhaustion can take over in the face of hardship. It’s our body’s natural reaction to all the chaos, trauma, problems, money issues, car crashes, fights, physical depletion, and emotional desperation. During my son’s fourteen-year addiction, I finally learned to wait 24 hours to make any important decision. Why? Because most of my immediate decisions were hasty and reactive. Today, let us care for our own needs first. Let us strengthen our inner resources before we respond.

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2 years ago

There is so much truth and wisdom within this message. Giving ourselves space can bring unexpected clarity. Thank you both for sharing!

Angela Squires
Angela Squires
2 years ago

These are very wise words, I never learnt until recently to wait before making decisions. Therefore, some of the divisions I made have truly affected my life, even to this day, and I’m sure affected both my son’s lives, the eldest son being the addict. So much to learn, so much to look back on and say to yourself, I wish I had dealt with that one differently! Hindsight and not being hasty are valuable though sometimes hard lessons to learn!
Staying calm and strong during very testing times can often mean the difference between a lifetime of regret, or, no regret!

Pat Nichols
2 years ago

Great wisdom shared here! The wisest decision I made was learning to tell my addicted child that I needed more time before I could make a decision. I would then contact my counselor and my sponsor who helped with my response. This gave me strength and serenity in knowing my response was in my son’s best interest as well as mine. Prayers for all who suffer from this disease.