A mom wrote to the Stay Close blog: You make it possible for me to still believe every word of this song. My favorite. May the weeks (and year) ahead be filled with love & peace beyond all understanding.

A reflection on Eva Cassidy, who recorded this version of What A Wonderful World: Eva Cassidy died from cancer on November 2, 1996, at the age of 33 in her family home in Bowie, Maryland. In September 1996, she closed her final performance with this song at the Bayou in front of an audience of friends, fans and family.

Today’s Promise to consider: As we enter into 2013, I’ll remind myself that the world can be wonderful. No matter what we are going through and no matter what trials we are facing, we have each other and we are not alone.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEBBGSgO16M]
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Pat Nichols
11 years ago

My parent support group got together last night for an informal dinner. There were eighteen parents in attendance. All of whom have children at various stages of addiction.

We didn’t focus on our addcited children but on the joy of being surrounded by others who understand one another.

Yes, it is true that regardless of what we are going through life can be wonderful.

I consider my life a gift, a gift from God. I plan on unwraping this special gift each new day I am given and to rejoice in all that is good and glorious about this gift.

Continued prayers to each of you and your child.

Cathy Taughinbaugh
11 years ago

Hi Libby,

I have Eva Cassidy’s album and really love her music. How sad to die so young. She did leave a legacy of beautiful music. Take care and Happy New Year to you!

Libby Cataldi
Libby Cataldi
11 years ago

Dear Pat, Your posts are positive and so very helpful. Thanks for being here. Yes, life can be wonderful and it’s our choice.

Cathy, One of our moms on this blog sent us the gift of Eva Cassidy. She did leave a legacy of beautiful music.

Love to all,


11 years ago

I can never hear this song enough. Thank you Libby. I think this was was recorded when she knew she was sick. Such a gift to all of us. That we can find courage in the face of sickness and death. Beauty, even in the sadness

Yesterday I had news of an old schoolmate’s passing. I burst into tears when I hung up the phone. My grandson, my son’s son — who is almost 5 and has never seen me cry- was here–and he immediately rushed to me ,wrapped his arms around me and whispered , it’s alright.

I saw his tender generous heart. So so like his father. Or- how his father once was. Sometimes, I think it is trying to reconcile how all the love I once had from my son, the memories of him when he was a child mixed in with years of him as an addict is what wakes me up in the night. The question— how did this happen ? But i’ve ( almost) stopped looking for answers. Libby’s book and this blog helps me on that.

I cannot tell you how touched and comforted I was by my grandson.

We had a big discussion about death and heaven. Not easy!

A touch of a child, a hug, the assurance ” It’s all right.”

I found a prayer today I had tucked away. It has been so long since I prayed it. It is a prayer for healing. Not for someone else’s healing. like the continual praying I do for my son -but for my own. I hope all of you here will love it as much as I do. Pat, I hope your group can use it sometime. It is Christian based but I think it can be adapted.

“Oh. God, the source of all health and healing, the spirit of calm and the central peace of the universe. So fill my heart with faith in your love that with quiet hope I may make room for your power to possess me, and gracefully accept your healing through Christ my saviour (or my higher power.)

In this new year I pray for healing –for all of us –not in the sense of a “”cure” but the movement towards wholeness which brings us closer to God. The Source of love. Why? So we Have that feeling in our heart that despite wherever we are –or the next “news” we receive — it’s alright. It’s alright.

Renewing and keeping faith is not easy when things are so scary and difficult. But with faith, I do not sink into despair. Faith brought me here.

I am grateful for all of you and have learned so much. And want to keep learning.


learning about “quiet” hope and allowing the healing in

Libby Cataldi
Libby Cataldi
11 years ago

Dear Hope, The touch of a child heals. What a wonderful visual you offered to us. Thank you.
The memories of your son as a child mixed with his years as an addict – this is a place of such pain. Jeff was under the drugs, but the drugs were killing him. And then we pray.
Faith and hope. Love you.

Libby Cataldi
Libby Cataldi
11 years ago

Dear Barbara,

You’ve been on my heart. My girlfriend’s addicted son shot himself over the holidays. My heart is so very heavy, and I don’t know how to support her except to love her and stay close.

When I saw her suffering and held her as she wept, I thought of you and wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you, we’re thinking about you and sending you love and support.


11 years ago

Libby, this is sad sad news. I am so sorry for your friend’s loss. And yours too as her friend you’ve been part of that journey and must have known her son at some level. Now you witness first hand– the pain of a mother who lost her son. And you hold her. This is so very very hard. To hold a mother in her pain — -this is what you do for all of us — you love and stay close. Please take care of you,too. I think of Barbara every day too-and send her prayers –she is so generous to travel with us here and gives me such courage. To know a person can and does survive the thing we fear most -the death of a son or daughter– and still be so giving. God bless Barbara and your friend will be held in prayer.

Libby Cataldi
Libby Cataldi
11 years ago

Dear Hope,

You are right – death is our greatest fear. I held my friend and felt as though I could collapse from the pain she was feeling. Such enormous pain, enormous. I wanted to do something, say something, but I held her in silence.
God bless all our children.