IMG_0222A recovering addict wrote to a friend, who had relapsed, I’m sorry you fell off the wagon. Get back in. Stop drinking and go to a meeting. Don’t show up drunk. You have to nip this in the bud because it will get worse. Go to 90 meetings in 90 days. I guarantee you that you’ll be in a much better state of mind. Ask someone to be your sponsor, someone who has time and who seems like they’re living the life you want. You’ll be surprised by how many friends you make in a short amount of time, the type of friends that will really be there for you when you need their help.

My reflection: There is help available to those suffering from addiction. AA isn’t the answer for everyone, but it is a program that has worked for millions of people. The 12 steps provide scaffolding for a way of living within a base of spirituality, and the AA community provides support from people who have walked the walk.

Today’s Promise to consider: I thought I could guide my son along his path to recovery, but no matter how hard I tried or how much I learned, I realized that I couldn’t be his ‘go to’ person. He found the help he needed from people who knew firsthand his suffering.

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Pat Nichols
8 years ago

I have never met a parent who did not attempt to “guide” their addicted child down a righteous path. It something we have to do and we do it over and over again until we reach our own personal level of insanity. It’s okay, no blame or shame, simply a necessary part of finding our own path to recovery and discovering, once again, our personal peace and serenity. Review the 12 step program provided by Families Anonymous and start your journey to finding a new life.

Andy Reed
Andy Reed
8 years ago

I started drinking at a very young age and it took me a very long time and some drastic events to make me realise that i had a problem. When I took that first step to getting better I felt happy again,but I relapsed 4 times, however like it says,” like it says in the article I’m sorry you fell off the wagon. Get back in. Stop drinking and go to a meeting.” I’m happy to say I’m 9 years sober. So don’t worry if you relapse! It’s okay it happens, but never stop trying. At a young age I left home and I missed my parents so much, but I always got the chance to visit them and with every visit I felt a little less attached every time. Until eventually I did not miss them anymore. I will always love them, but I became independent. And the same is true for alcohol! I hope this helped someone! I got better at https://www.northpointrecovery.com/ and I highly highly recommend it!