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A personal reflection: My worst days, the days I struggle to maintain equilibrium, are the days I forget to be grateful.

When Jeff was three-months old, he was admitted into Pittsburgh’s Children’s Hospital for an intestinal disorder, where he stayed for one month. I was a doctoral student at the University of Pittsburgh and also teaching, so my mom helped as often as possible – she stayed with him and cared for him, as only a grandmother can. When I shared my worry (and exhaustion) with Mom, her response was always the same, “Pray prayers of thanksgiving. Praise the Lord for Jeff’s recovery, for his health. Sing. Just try.”


Jeff, Iysa, Libby, Jeremy

I thought she was crazy. Why would a young mother sing prayers of thanksgiving when her only child was in the hospital and extremely ill? But I did as I was told. I started to pray, to sing, and to thank God for Jeff’s recovery. Feelings of gratitude filled my spirit and I found that didn’t feel so desperate, or helpless. I felt that I could do something.

This lesson happened thirty-eight years ago and, even today, when I find myself struggling with disappointments and hardships, I know I need to find my gratitude – to be grateful for all I DO have, instead of weeping for what I don’t.

On this Thursday, my family and I wish you all a most Happy Thanksgiving. May we raise our voices high and honor the blessings in our lives.


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So grateful for you Libby. Happy Thanksgiving!God
Bless you


You have been inspiring me and making my life easier for 3 years! I️ am grateful for you and your Thursday meditation! Thank you!


Happy Thanksgiving Ms Libby and to the family GARY


Such a great reminder for this day when I am blessed to be surrounded by family. My heart still aches for my son who is not with us to share our lives but I still have much to be grateful for in my life. You gave us a beautiful message. Thank you, my dear friend. ❤️

Diane Zelenak

I appreciate this week’s Thanksgiving meditation. You are very right, Libby. It’s all about gratitude and we have much to be grateful for, no matter what life throws at us. God bless you and your lovely family.