Two days ago, I saw this painting by Alessandro Allori (circa 1577), and I was struck by the theme of judgment, with a history dating back to John 8:7. This post isn’t about religion. What it is about are the words, He that is without sin among you, let him cast a first stone at her. As I examined the painting, both the contrite face of the adulteress and the look of tenderness in Christ’s eyes moved me. I wondered if it is human nature that we so easily sit in judgment of others? Is it human nature for those who are healthy to marginalize those who are not? Is it human nature for those who have never suffered from an addiction to condemn those who have?

My reflection: Before my son endured a 14-year addiction, I’m sure that I, too, judged others dealing with addiction. We need to use our judgment to make good choices, of course, but we also need to fortify ourselves with education, an understanding of issues unfamiliar to us, a strong moral compass, and solid principles.

Today’s Promise to consider: We know the negative words used to describe addicts. However, for those of us who love someone battling this disease, we also know the courage it takes for them to change their lives. We see the physical pain they endure to put down the drug that takes away their pain. We know their hearts are good because they are our sons, our daughters, our husbands and wives. They are our loves.

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Dee Raimond

Libby this explanation is so profound and so true. Your blog is very inspiring and exceptional. Thank you so much.


You’re words always ring true, Libby, thank you for sharing your wisdom

irene walton

thank you for this, really hits home

Pat Nichols
Wow! Did this post bring back memories. My neighbor across the street son was 16 and we would hear heated arguments between the son and family members and even occasionally a police car would be parked in front of the home. The rumor in the neighborhood was he was using drugs and had gotten kicked off the football team (he was the quarterback). He had been kicked out of the home and was sleeping on his girlfriends parents couch. I remember saying to my wife, “What in the world is wrong with those parents?” My son began using two years… Read more »
Thank you so much for your weekly meditations! They are a lifeline for me. After an incident, six days ago my oldest son acknowledged his younger brother’s pain and reminded us about true compassion. Five days ago a sermon at church about “Grace to Grow”, John 8:11—11, reminded us that we all have a past and a future, and now this week’s Meditation: “It’s Easy to Judge” is my third reminder about judgement in less than a week. There are no coincidences. I have repeatedly been given permission in the last week to unconditionally love my alcoholic son today…not after… Read more »