IMG_2927.TMDr. MacAfee told me, When addicts start to live a sober life, they recoup their lives. During their addiction, they looked death in the eye. This changes them. Through recovery, they break out of their isolation and learn to serve. 

My reflection: I’ve talked with many recovering addicts and they tell me that service is a key part of maintaining sobriety. They are well aware of the people they hurt and the damage they caused. In recovery, they have a strong desire to give back, to reconnect with family and their communities, and to contribute to the world around them.

Today’s Promise to consider: We have much to learn from people in recovery. They have suffered, have been marginalized and have been loathed by society. As Dr. MacAfee says, “They have looked death in the eye.” Today, I will open my heart and listen to the wisdom of those in recovery.

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Aamir Syed
Aamir Syed
8 years ago

I love the idea of learning from people in recovery. If there was a way for people to network with each other with past experiences, I think it would really help.

pat nichols
8 years ago

Listening is a critical component in learning how best to reestablish a new and loving relationship with our addicted child who is in recovery. I first had to let go of the child of my dreams knowing that ‘that” child was gone forever; forgiving myself and others then realizing my son in recovery is a new blessing. I can still have my son, a new son but a loving relationship is possible.