GRATITUDE: WHAT YOU PRACTICE GETS STRONGER …even when dealing with addiction

Tara Brach, one of my favorite Buddhist practitioners, says: When we practice gratitude or sending well wishes to others, those are the neural pathways that deepen and flourish. We may very loyal to habits of anxiety and vigilance that evolved to ensure survival, but … we can undo this negativity bias by intentionally orienting in another direction.

My reflection: When my son was in active addiction, all my neural pathways seemed to be hardwired to thoughts of trauma, destruction, and negative outcomes. I worried constantly – would this be the call, would he live or not, would he ever get well? My mind marinated in fear.

Today’s Promise to consider: How are we able to feel gratitude when our loved ones are in addiction’s grasp? Brain research shows that negative thinking produces more negative thinking, and the cycle continues as it consumes us and our energies. Today, I will stop the cycle. I will identify the parts of my life for which I am grateful, and I will fight the negativity bias. Today, is Thanksgiving. It’s a good day to start.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours







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So thankful for you Libby! God’s abundant blessings to you and your family

John Whitford
John Whitford

While our immediate family has been spared the pain of drug and alcohol addiction there are many in our extended family and friend circle that have had to deal with this. Such a blessing when the addict comes to terms and deals realistically with their demons… Wishing everyone, if only for this one day, can find joy and blessings to be Thankful for. God Bless and a Happy Thanksgiving wish to all!

Nathalia Hiatt
Nathalia Hiatt

I’m thankful for you, Libby and your thoughtful, helpful writing skills.