I wrote about my son: After three years of sobriety, my son’s growth is evident. He laughs more easily, he watches more calmly, he protects himself better. He knows where he hurts, and he pays attention to what is coming. He’s more reflective, thoughtful, less impulsive, and more honest. He has good friends. Suffice it to say that he is becoming a strong and caring man. He will get better and better.

My reflection: Watching my son come back to himself after a 14-year addiction, was a joy. I cherished each accomplishment and each step forward.

Today’s Promise to consider: In the early years of recovery, my son told me, “Some mornings, I reach for a word and it’s like reaching into the fog. Other mornings, when I reach for a word, I pluck it easily out of the air. I’m frustrated that some days aren’t clear, but I guess I need to be patient with myself.” His words reminded me that we all need to be patient with our loved ones in each step of their recovery. The joy is in the unfolding, one day at a time.

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Lori Warchol
Lori Warchol
2 years ago

this is how I am feeling right now. Although he’s only 6 months into his recovery the changes are amazing. Patience has improved I look forward to speaking to him. It extra hard with him in Colorado and us in CT. We are visiting on 3/31 to celebrate his birthday a new beginning to his growth as a better person are evident and it warms my heart. I am watching his return to the person he used to be. I too cherish each accomplishment he makes.