There are similarities between addiction and this pandemic. I find myself struggling with the familiar feelings of uncertainty and fear, so I talked with a friend about it. After the phone call, she wrote and gave me sensible advice, “Maybe it would be good if you took some time for yourself. Try and read a book to soothe your soul, cook, bake, meditate, or listen to music. Do whatever you can do to take care of yourself.  Remember Loving-Kindness goes both ways – to others and to ourselves.”

My reflection: All of us, who are living with or have lived with addiction, know well the feelings of distress, of waiting for the other shoe to drop, or of holding our breath when the phone rings at night. We also know how easy it is to overlook self-care when tensions run high.

Today’s Promise to consider: After living through an addiction, I’m no stranger to uncertainty or fear. Maybe this pandemic touches those same emotions that were once so fragile. Today, I will take steps to counteract suffering by practicing Loving-Kindness to myself. When we are happy, we are better for ourselves and others. Let us water those seeds that most support us.




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angel deruvo
3 years ago

I too feel somewhat uncertain, but hope is the thread that binds us all together. Without hope there is no future. I pray and meditate positive thoughts which helps me overcome the negativity and despair. Having a son struggle and seeing him suffer is a cross mothers and fathers bare.
There is the thought that there is always tomorrow, and that next day will be always a fresh start.
In my prayers,
Angel DeRuvo, mother and advocate for the disabled.

Mary Anne
Mary Anne
3 years ago

I really needed these reminding words today!!!
Thank You ♥️

3 years ago

Oh, Libby. I think you are spot on with how much resonance and the similarities of this pandemic and living with loved ones with addiction. We have talked of this often in our family these last months. For some of us, so used to having had to find self care strategies in uncertainty, facing fear of death, knowing profound sadness, sometimes meeting death head on, experiencing anxiety and depression, worry, separation — so many of us , in a hard way, finally surrendered to the reality that we really have no control over anything except how we respond. We learn how to keep hope … alive —. We are the seasoned ones snd dare I say, maybe even blessed during this .— to not have to deal so” suddenly” with an overwhelming reality so many are meeting for the first time. I think we can offer a lot to those who never ever imagined there was a reality over which they had no no control. I pray the world will be kinder because of knowing the fragility of life. Love xoxo

3 years ago

I have always been a true believer of “If I’m
Ok, my family is Ok” because me being ok I could take care of my family. Lately, it’s tiring, it’s exhausting. I get up every morning praying to God to give me the strength and to please not let my faith wither. I ask for a miracle every day. I’m scared to get that phone call again late at night.