ONE LIFE AT A TIME: 41 years strong


Harry: A 22 year love affair with drinking, 17 years in the Navy, and now a drug/alcohol counselor celebrating 41 years of sobriety on March 23, gave me this poem:         

A little boy walked carefully along a crowded beach

Where starfish by the hundreds lay there within his reach.

They washed up with each wave, far as the eye could see

And each would surely die if they were not set free.

So one by one he rescued them, then he heard a stranger call,

“It won’t make a difference…you cannot save them all.”

But as he tossed another back towards the ocean’s setting sun,

He said with deep compassion,
”I made a difference to that one!”

My reflection: Harry has dedicated his life to helping those who are suffering find recovery. In his journey, he made a profound difference to my son and has made a difference to many others. Our family will be eternally grateful for his work.

Today’s Promise to consider: The Talmud says, “He who saves one life, saves the entire world.” Alcoholics Anonymous was started by one man: Bill Wilson. From there, countless lives have been saved. Great change can start with one person. Today, I’ll reach out my hand and help someone else. We can all make a difference – one life at a time.



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9 years ago

Thank you, Libby and Jeff for sharing this incredibly powerful and moving meditation. I love the words, ‘one life at a time.’
God bless, Harry and all the dedicated and compassionate individuals who have touched our lives and helped us in our recovery. We all know who they are.
Love, Nanci

9 years ago

AA celebrates its 80th Anniversary this year – founded in 1935 two years after prohibition ends!

beryl singleton bissell

When overwhelmed with the world’s suffering, it is easy to lose hope. The simple act of reaching out to one person, as did Mother Theresa — the single act that created a movement — reminds me to open my eyes to the person standing before me right now. Each person greeted with welcome and respect and genuine compassion.

pat nichols
9 years ago

How many parents are sitting silently and suffering alone due to their child’s abuse and/or addiction to alcohol or other drugs? I would guess millions. How many phone numbers are available for them to call and talk to someone who “truly” understands them and has the compassion and resources to share? I say very very few.

Anyone with the desire/passion and a cell phone can be the person that gives hope and resources to other parents.

That’s what I did and to date I have spoken to thousands of parents from all over the world and to be honest, they have helped me as much if not more than I helped them. It has been the most rewarding experience of my life.

Just do it! 🙂