SC - 5-2A recovering addict wrote to me, No one could guarantee or promise when I decided to lead a sober life the doors of heaven would open up and let me in, but a sacred Truth held in trust promised something even greater, that the doors of hell would open up and let me out. I live by and give deep thanks for that great promise, and thankfully, by the Grace of God, I am able to live a sober life.

My reflection: When addiction takes our loved ones by the throat, they live their hell. Despite what it looks like from the outside, evil and ugliness have taken hold. When Jeff was sick and at his lowest, he chose to change his life. That was when the doors of hell opened.

Today‚Äôs Promise to consider: Addicts live a tortured life, but only they can make the decision to change. Once they do, grace is given space to work and they often re-enter the world with a passion to serve. It’s a true miracle and a gift of life.

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Theresa Taylor
Theresa Taylor
9 years ago

Amen! So well spoken. My heart just accepted every word today with gratefulness and cheer. I have hope.

Beryl Singleton Bissell

Both my daughter and I spent seven years in hell as she wrestled with her demon addictions, and I tried to save her. I finally learned to let go and it appeared as if Francesca was on the verge of flight but she died of a bullet wound to the head. Suicide? Murder? The case remains open and unresolved. I know she is now free and at peace but what a price to pay.

pat nichols
pat nichols
9 years ago

Lost and Found

I walked through the darkness
listening to the sounds of fear and confusion.
I hid deep in the woods
waiting for the light to find me.
It never came.

I found a well traveled path.
Did others find a way out?
I moved slowly with caution –
then I heard laughter and
bright lights were all around.

Why did I hide
so long?
I was safe now
with others who once were lost,
now found.

Pat Nichols

9 years ago

These are all such beautiful words.

Beryl, what a price to pay is right.

It takes such a long time to realize there is nothing we can do for our loved ones but love them. Accepting and practicing this is what I struggle with all the time. To watch and wait while they suffer such loneliness and pain is almost more than I can bear and yet if I do not let go my own life becomes a living hell.


9 years ago

I take something from everyone’s posting. Thank you all and Libby.

It does take a toll watching our loved ones in their hell and knowing nothing we say or do can change that until they are ready for the change. Powerlessness ….
It is a hell for us as well until we learn how to recover ourselves and let go and let God.
Sue you said it well.

9 years ago

My son was in hell the day he overdosed. But, on that day he also saw God. Beryl, I believe that my son is with your daughter and they can finally be at peace. No more suffering, no more living in hell.

As I watched an episode of “Intervention” last night, The addict who was living in hell, found her way back and is now helping addicts who are still in the depths of hell. It was a good ending, but unfortunately, not all end well. The addict has to be ready to live a sober life. It’s up to them. We can only love them.

I, like Jane, take something from everyone’s posting. Thank you all.

9 years ago

Tears rolling down my face reading today’s meditation. I pray my 23-year-old son will someday experience a TRUE desire to beat his addiction.