Alessandro Rodino Dal Pozzo, the president of San Patrignano, said, The path to recovery happens when you truly and deeply accept that things have to change.

My reaction: When my son was in active addiction, I thought that I could gauge when he was ready to accept recovery, when the pain had reached critical junctures, and when he would be open to professional help. I never could.

Today’s Promise to consider: Moments of extreme suffering can lead to important epiphanies for those suffering from substance abuse. The Big Book calls the opening that follows these periods, “The Gift of Desperation.” My son’s fourteen-year heroin addiction took him to a place where he was lost and a shell of himself. He was at the crossroads of continuing drugs or dying. He later told me, This was one of the most profound moments in my recovery process.

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3 years ago

Thank you again Libby for your commitment to this blog. Every Thursday as it comes up a feel it is written just for me- week after week! We are in the midst-once again in the cycle of relapse; waiting for our son to see the light. The incredible fear a parent has of waiting for their child to be brought to rock bottom and what the results could potentially be are painful to say the least. After many years of trying to micro manage my sons addiction/ recovery I am more fully embracing the humbling truth that I am not in charge and cannot fix this. We remain in hopeful anticipation that he will see once and for all that drugs are not the path forward or the person he is.

Pat Nichols
3 years ago

So true Libby! Grateful for your blog.

Karen Penfield
Karen Penfield
3 years ago

Your experiences gives us Mom’s hope. My daughter went into rehab 2 days ago…but for the 12th time. It wasn’t until recently that I realized I can only lead the horse, but I can’t make it drink. So many years I’ve tried to force her sobriety, with no success. Though I wish I could magically take this burden from her, I now understand her peace can only come from within. I now know my role, which is a loving, supporting Mom.
Thank you….