Granddaughter Iysa and Nonna

Granddaughter Iysa and Nonna

I attended my first Al-Anon meeting almost 20 years ago and I wrote in my journal: There were twelve people in the basement of a church, and everyone had an alcoholic husband or wife. They talked about taking one day at a time and about how they needed to take care of themselves. What was I doing there? I am a mother and my son is an addict. I didn’t go to the meeting to learn how to take care of myself. I went to learn how to protect him, fix him, and help him. I don’t think I’ll go back.

My reflection: I went to three different meetings before I found my home group, a community of people that would love and support me through the most challenging times of my life. In the halls of Al-Anon, I learned that I was not alone and that others knew my pain. I learned that addiction doesn’t discriminate and that I could trust others to be there for me. I learned that there was wisdom, real wisdom, in taking one day at a time. I’m glad I kept going back.

Today’s Promise to consider: Al-Anon meetings and support groups are filled with parents of addicted children. I was one of those parents who needed help without judgment. I still go to meetings: to help myself and to help others. Community is part of the healing. Today, I’ll reach out my hand. We’re all walking together toward home.




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9 years ago

Thank you, Libby!!! I totally relate. I’ve sought out online support because I sit at a computer all day. But it’s not the same as physically talking about my son’s drug addiction. I nonetheless love the connection here and the support in helping my son, not enabling him. Much love to you all!!!

pat nichols
pat nichols
9 years ago

Each of us must find our own way and in our own time our path to renew our own peace and serenity. I found mine through Families Anonymous ( They have a great online emeeting for parents plus all of their literature is designed specifically for parents of addicted children. In addition, they also have face to face meetings all over the country and in other parts of the world as well.

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