A mother wrote to me: My son walked out of his fourth rehab, and in November of last year my husband kicked him out of our house, again. I couldn’t help but mourn. His addiction has claimed him for five years. His drug addiction has had such a big impact on our lives. I want to see him whole and clean and well again, but it’s as if he’s in his own prison.

My reflection: Addiction affects all of us. Parents argue, siblings are confused and angry, and the addict is in his own world, chasing his next fix. Mothers cry until we have no tears left, and fathers watch helplessly, powerless to protect their families from the beast that is addiction. The entire family is immersed in sadness and trauma.

Today’s Promise to consider: Addiction thrives on chaos and pain. Not only does the immediate family suffer, but addiction spirals out to affect aunts and uncles, grandparents, teachers, and friends. As families, we are powerless to stop addiction, but we can remain faithful and compassionate, while maintaining boundaries to keep ourselves safe. Let us stay close to our loved ones and our support groups. Let us keep faith and hope alive.

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11 months ago

Thank you Libby your words of wisdom hit home and give me comfort. Lisa

11 months ago

Nice Blog. I read them frequently.

10 months ago

Thanks Libby. I look forward to your Thursday meditation every week. My son has been in the prison of addiction for 17 years. He is 33 years old. He has been “clean” for 3 years although he is still in the addiction prison. He has no life, no friends, no self-esteem, and no-clue how to survive without the crutch. He is working on it the best he can but my heart is hollow and I pray everyday for his life.