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Cathy Hull from Treatmenttalk.org shared a link COLLISION COURSE: TEEN ADDICTION EPIDEMIC. This video has been nominated for an Emmy Award and posts, “Teen substance abuse is one of America’s top public health problems and can devastate our youth and their families.” 

My thoughts: This video signifies the growing awareness of substance abuse and calls for a change in education and public policy to recognize the truth of the escalating problem of drug addiction, especially among teens. Although the film is 26-minutes long and many of you won’t have the time to view it in its entirety (or at all), we celebrate the hope for teens to live a life with addiction. 

Today’s Promise to consider: As Dr. MacAfee says, “We need to take addiction out of the shadows and into the light where it can be healed.” This documentary and other efforts are doing just that. Let’s keep this light alive.

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12 years ago

Dear Libby, I couldn’t open the video, but I know there’s a teen addiction epidemic. Some of the teens are even sniffing freon from air conditioners to get high. Drugs have always been a problem for teens as they become of age and succumb to peer pressure. I hope that our education system utilizes documentaries, videos, etc., such as this one. When I was in school, there were no such eductional tools.

I pray for all our children who can become addicted and hope they can just say “no”.

God Bless,

12 years ago

Dear Barbara,

Thanks for writing. I think a lot of people had trouble opening the video. Many people wrote that their anti-virus protection kept them from opening the video.

Our educational system typically does little to address addiction. When I was Head of School, we offered one presentation a year about drugs and alcohol. Jeremy once said, “I learned 300% more on the streets than I learned in school.” (and he was at my school!). Always learning.

Love you!!!