A young man in recovery sent me this song RISE by Samantha Jones. The chorus rings out:

People rise together

When they believe in tomorrow

Change the day to forever

This life keeps moving

My reflection: When my son was in active addiction, I felt lost in despair, shame, and confusion. It was then that I most needed other people to help me keep hope alive. I reached out my hand to those in Al-Anon, other parents who were suffering, professionals, and recovering addicts. With their help, I found friendship, community, and empathy.

Today’s Promise to consider: When hope and belief are most fragile, those are the times I accept the strength of others to hold me up. It takes courage to reach out a hand, but through compassion and love, people help each other rise together and believe in tomorrow.




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Pat Nichols
4 years ago

Yes, a parent support group is vital (read example). To be able to contact another parent when you are in crisis is absolutely priceless! You will make life long friends that will be invaluable to you. If there are no local support groups you can find online groups such as Families Anonymous (familiesanonyous.org), They also have phone meetings. When attending a meeting it’s important to pay close attention to the similarities and not the differences. In addition, it’s suggested you attend six meetings before deciding if the meeting is for you or not. Here’s an example, a mom contacted our support group indicating her son was in ICU due to an overdose. He was in a coma etc. and she asked for support. A text was sent out to all members. In short time the waiting room was filled with support. Two moms stayed with her overnight! I estimate at one time there were 15 members of our support group in the waiting room. She was never left alone. I remember being in her son’s hospital room, we all held hands and surrounded his bed praying for him. God answered our prayers. Her son survived and eventually went to treatment.

Pat Nichols
4 years ago
Reply to  libbycataldi

Thanks Libby, I appreciate you also.