The Partnership for Drug Free America launched a campaign dedicated to the 11 million teens and young adults who are struggling with drug and alcohol problems and to the families who struggle alongside them. More than 85 million Americans have been directly impacted by addiction. You Are Not Alone aims to reduce the barriers that stand in the way of families getting their children the effective treatment and recovery support they deserve.

We thank the Partnership for giving us an opportunity to be involved in helping them help others like us.



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Pat Nichols
12 years ago


That is the most awesome video about addiction I have ever seen and I have watched countless video’s over the years.

I haven’t cried in years but as I watched you speak tears came to my eyes. I am not alone!

Bless you and Jeff for continuing to bring hope into the lives of parents like us.

12 years ago

This is awesome, and something only any of us who have lived this can relate to. You are both so honest, real life people and we are not alone because you are there by Staying Close to all of us!. Thank you and bless you in all that you do. I think of you always as I try to stay close to my son too.

12 years ago

The video is awesome! It’s people like you that bring hope to all addicts and their loved ones. You have taught us the importance of being close and staying close. You’ve both taught us SO much!

Thank you Libby and Jeff for sharing your very personal story.

Love to both of you,

Libby Cataldi
Libby Cataldi
12 years ago

Dear Pat, Your comments mean the world to me and to us. Thank you.

Dear Jane, So true – We’ll stay close together, helping each other and reaching out a hand in hope and comfort.

Dear Barbara, Thanks for staying close. I think of you often.

Love you all. We’re stronger together.