A mother of a son in recovery wrote to me: I’m grateful for my son’s recovery, but sometimes I still find myself wondering why it took so long for him to get sober.  I know I should not ask why or wonder why, but it comes up. I’m working on opening up fully and embracing my ‘new’ son. It will take time.

My reflection: There are a myriad of questions with addiction, and I’ve asked many of them: Why did it take fourteen years of pain and heartbreak for Jeff to find his legs in recovery? Why did it take me so long to realize that he was addicted? Why did it take me so long to learn how best to stay close?

Today’s Promise to consider: Maybe there are no wasted years, but only learning years, ‘becoming’ years. Suffering brings new perspective and growth. The most important part is what we do from here. Today, when I’m with my sons, I will be honest, say with loving-kindness what is on my heart, listen harder and pray more. The learning years were then and they are now.

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5 years ago

Libby, your insights always ring with soul and beauty. Thank you for creating this space where we can all remember the deeper meaning of living. Many blessings to you and yours ~

Nanci J Morris
Nanci J Morris
5 years ago

Dear Libby,
Today’s ‘Promise to consider’ is simply beautiful and so very much appreciated. ‘The learning years were then and they are now’ is so true and sometimes, forgotten, put aside or minimized because of the painful reminders. Thank you for this gentle reminder and continuing to give space to share what is in our heart.
Love, Nanci