IMG_1082A recovering addict wrote to me:
27 months.
Upward, outward.
Freedom, Choices.
The miracle of contented sobriety.
From the fiery wreckage of one life, the sprigs of a new life emerge…
for me, for my family, and for those around me.
Hope is available through God-dependence and service to others.

My reflection: This young man’s words are full of promise and gratitude. His chains of addiction now broken, his life is an example of sobriety in action. This is powerful and reminds those of us who love addicts that a sober life is indeed possible.

Today’s Promise to consider: When we feel desperate, at our wits-end, and ready to give up, let us remember that where there is life there is hope. For today, I’ll hold on to this recovering addict’s words, “From the fiery wreckage of one life, the sprigs of a new life emerge…Hope is available through God-dependence and service to others.”

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9 years ago

I personally know how easy it is to give up hope on an addict. But, it IS possible to achieve sobriety. Just like a person who has surgery, the recovery process can be long, brutal, and painful. An addict goes through the same process.

Jeff is a perfect example of drugs taking hold of his body. But, he recovered.

Staying sober is hard work. It’s a daily fight for life. But, like Libby says, where there’s hope, there is life, there is hope.

Never give up hope, for the addict can surprise us all, and want to live.

With love and prayers,


9 years ago

Happy Mothers Day to you Barbara and Libby. Days like today were so painful for me for a long time. I must admit they are still not entirely happy for me. There is always a loss connected with being a mother of an addicted child.

9 years ago

I pray for all the mothers who are still in pain. I got out my gratitude list today and that has helped turn my thoughts around. Progress not perfection!