TM.light (1)Rumi, a 13th century Persian poet and theologian, wrote, The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

My reflection: This one line touched me deeply. The wound caused by addiction is a place where the Light can enter. I can choose to learn from addiction and the destruction that it causes, or I can stay stuck in anger, resentment and bitterness.

Today’s Promise to consider: Today, I will let hope and healing grow in the deep wounds that addiction left. I admit that we all suffered tremendously, but I will not be chained by bitterness and ugliness. I will learn from my pain. I will have faith in the future.

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pat nichols
8 years ago

Addiction is a powerful and destructive force. However, without the “Light” the wounds of addiction never heal.

God is the source of the “Light” for me and He provided many paths for my healing. I had to trust God and give my son completely over to Him. I then grieved the loss of the son of my dreams and through the grief process I was able to forgive my son and me. Of course, the key to opening up my new path to recovery and establishing a lasting peace and serenity was working the Twelve Steps of Families Anonymous with a sponsor. That was just one of many paths to a new life that God provided.

When you are ready and willing push open the doors of recovery and let the Light in.

The wounds of addiction do heal with time.

In prayer for all who suffer from this disease.

8 years ago

I really liked what you said about “grieving the loss of the son of my dreams”. I think that is exactly how I feel these days but its been so hard to explain. I am grieving, I also find myself accepting the fact that who my daughter is today is who she may always be. Maybe that is the forgiveness part of the journey or maybe I am finally letting the light in.

Thanks for the post.

Jane ciaramella
Jane ciaramella
8 years ago

Yes, addiction causes wounds big and small. Light comes in when we allow it to come in through the darkness. For me this was only possible through active work on my part to understand how addiction wounds, and how to help heal.

I can totally agree with Pat’s response. Grieving the son of my dreams was a big part of my healing and letting that go over to God. That being said, I will say that I still get triggered by events, feelings, etc. it brings back Memories of what I thought I would have . I don’t stay in that place long anymore. I let it go again. It is a process and you must let time take time while you are working a program of recovery for yourself.
Be well.